Order of Saint George of Cappadocia - OSGC

An Interfaith Nursing Religious Order


      We believe that any Sacraments given to us by God massagers is a right to all and will be administered to any adult individual requesting the Sacrament. 

The OSGC venerated Seven Sacraments: 




 Is the identification of the parents or an adult individual with the Faith and is not seeing as an initiation, but as the desire of consecration to God.

           Is performed in a dedicated area in the Church and is accomplished by affusion (pouring the water over) and is not essential for the infant, child or adult individual to be fully-integrated to the Church Life.

           Also is the time of presentation of the infant, child or adult individual to the Church Body to be care, protected and help toward a moral and social formation.


 Is a public affirmation of Faith by a baptized individual in the age of discernment (old enough to understand the way of life).

          Is the Unction by oil as a confirmation of Faith

 Holy Eucharist        

            Is the Mystery of Transignification (belief that God is sacramentally present in The Mass)

           Is affirmation of Faith to the Fulfillment of God's commitment for the salvation of humanity from sins.

           Is the act of Communing with God and the Church     

           Is a commemoration of Life. 

 Penance (recognition, confession and Reconciliation)


           Recognition and confession of wrong done to God and creation

           The sincere and complete desire to be forgiven

           Reconciliation with God and self


                 Is the religious-social recognition of the love of two adult individuals in the age of reason, wishing to become partners and form a stable family.

           Marriage is a human contract ratified and Consecrated by divine grace in a Nuptial Cerimony.

           The Nuptial Cerimony is a personal Consagration of Ones Love to Another and can be arranged to fulfill this feeling (Civil, Catholic, Interfaith, etc…).

Holy Orders

             Deacons and Deaconess: No professed individual, ordained by the Bishops of the Order to the Diaconate. Work with the religious Community and assist in the Celebration of the Sacraments. In the absence of a Sacerdotal, they have the Right to administer The Sacrament of Communion to any person unable to participate in the Celebration of the Mass (hospitals, nursing homes, etc), Baptism and the Last Rights. Also is the period of discernment before Novitiate

Called Deacon or Deaconess”

           Brothers and Sisters: Professed and lay individuals by the Bishops of the Order and they are the Community Workers. All Brothers, Sisters and Novices are Deacons and Deaconess.

Called Brother or Sister”

          Presbyterium: Professed Brother or Sister who chooses to work with the community as a Presbyter and have being trained and the request have being accepted by the Bishops of the Order. The Presbyter is ordained to administer all Sacraments besides Ordinations and Recognitions to the Holy Orders and has The Right of The Word (Sermons)

Called Curate

          Elders (Bishop, Abbey, Steward): Brother, Sister or Presbyter choose by the Community as the representative of the Order in exterior events and recognized as The Spiritual Pastor of the Faith in the Celebration of the Sacraments.

Called “Father or Mother” 

Anointing of the Sick and Last Rights

Anointing of the Sick

Unction by oil administrated to any sick individual requesting.

Renew of confidence and Faith in God

Spiritual healing with forgiveness of sins that sometimes reflects to the body as well.


Last Rights

Unction by oil administrated at request to any terminal ill individual.

Administrated to any individual that is afraid of being unable to receive in a latter date, in a clear mind, due a debilitating illness.


Sunday Services


“$2.00 LUNCH”


Good for one Lunch for

a hungry person.

Compost of: 1 sandwich,

1 cartoon of 8oz milk

and 1 fruit.



“Good for one hug,

redeemable from any


human being.”

To Become a


Human Being,

please call



Interfaith Franciscan Order