Order of Saint George of Cappadocia - OSGC

An Interfaith Nursing Religious Order

                 We Are God's Fools


We Are Franciscans

WE are the Order of “One”,

fallowing the principles and Rules of

Saint Francis of Assisi


Where the “One”

 Is called Brother or Sister

 Fallow the Rules of The Heart.

Accepts his/her own fragility

Is not afraid of looking into himself/herself for what he/she is

Understand the need to strive for Logos

Only who learns to know himself/herself can have a positive encounter with others, with nature and with God.

Lives his humanity tagether with others

Understand that without confrontation witha "you", one cannot be an authentic person

Accepting others, he/she uncovers the possibility of building a community of children of God.

In his relationship with God has the fundamental and privileged relationship, which gives meaning to his/her life.

God for him/her is not far away and inaccessible, but he is the God-with-us.

Fell God as a man his/her travel companion.

                       We also are


        A Interfaith/Ecumenical  Franciscan Order working toward building a harmonious coexistence of Learning and work with all religions and religious denominations.

        We are all brothers and sister in God and  with this understand we strive to help all God Creations spiritually, psychologically and materially, many times trying not to be afraid to walk the extra mile.

        As Saint George and Saint Francis protected and helped the helpless and humble in their time, the OSGC is committed to:

          •    Try to leave in the people the joy that springs from the encounter with a person consecrated to God.

          •    Who in his penance and humility knew how to be with all, especially the simple, sharing with them the burden of manual labor.

        The professed and lay religious expresses their services toward the confreres, and at the same time contributes to a good community spirit. In direct contact with the people around us, we strive to embody the sweetness, affability, and mercy, which characterized the human relationship of Saint. Francis.


We are

a religious non-profit organization, organized under California Laws with a IRS 501 (c)(3) status pending.

Sunday Services


“$2.00 LUNCH”


Good for one Lunch for

a hungry person.

Compost of: 1 sandwich,

1 cartoon of 8oz milk

and 1 fruit.



“Good for one hug,

redeemable from any


human being.”

To Become a


Human Being,

please call



Interfaith Franciscan Order